Class Reunion Rescue

It’s that time of year again.  Spring.  When my phone begins to ring a bit more than usual.   The arrival of April brings panic to former Senior Class President’s across the country.  At the end of the phone line I often hear a somewhat frantic, “Can the Foundation help with our class reunion?”

My always response?

“Sure we can! What do you need?”

As the official repository of alumni information for the District, the Foundation is at your service as you begin to plan your class reunion. Whether it’s #5 or #50, all it takes is one call or email to the Foundation and you’re off and running.

We can assist with:

  • Contact/address lists.
  • Posting reunion plans on the Foundation’s website ALUMNI page (have you seen it?) and Facebook page (are you our Friend?).
  • Planning a visit to the old hallowed halls.
  • Tips for communicating with your class members.
  • Finding old yearbooks.

We are also open to attending one of your reunion events to talk about the state of the District, foundation programs, and/or how alumni can get involved with their alma maters.  We have a new, shiny alumni volunteer program too!

Give me a call!  I’d enjoy talking with you and making sure your next reunion is the one everybody says was “the best one!”

Karen A. Swanson, CFRE

Executive Director, JHS Class of 1985