Fiscal Agent Program

The Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation may serve as the fiduciary agent for donations requested to go through the Foundation that are earmarked for a Cedar Rapids Community School or those affiliated with a project or program to benefit the school district, its students and/or staff. The foundation assesses a 5% Administrative Fee to all receipted funds. In exchange, the Foundation provides the organization with updated donor lists, financial reports, gift acknowledgement services, vendor payments, and no-fee electronic donation processing.

By partnering with CRCSF, fiscal agents can focus on raising funds – not administering them; leading to reduced accounting errors and less financial risk/liability for volunteers.

The following organizations currently participate in the Foundation’s Fiscal Agent program:

  • CRCSD Homeless & Foster Care Program
  • The Academy for Scholastic & Personal Success
  • Partnership for Post-Secondary Success
  • Iowa Big
  • Cougar Corner Pantry
  • Middle School Activities Fund
  • Washington High School Dance Team
  • Johnson’s Family-to-Family Fund

Benefits of Using Foundation as Fiscal Agent

“It has been terrific to have some of our Kennedy program funds managed by the Foundation’s fiscal agency program. It is a relief to know that our donated funds are being handled appropriately and in line with District guidelines. I am very appreciative that this service is offered!”

Jason Kline, Principal, John F. Kennedy High School