Student Enrichment Grant

The Foundation knows that educators are passionate about the learning opportunities that are available to students. The Foundation is also aware that many teachers dip into their own pockets to help cover the expenses of additional classroom supplies. Student Enrichment Grants is an easy way for teachers to help supplement student needs related to classroom learning.

How the Student Enrichment Grants Work:

  • Teachers can apply for a grant up to $250 to serve as reimbursement for personal funds used for classroom supplies.
  • A short application helps ensure a quick turn-around time from request to distribution.
  • Receipts REQUIRED for reimbursement.

Young Minds – Bright Futures

The Student Enrichment Fund at Work!!

These proud builders are creating their own special structures with blocks purchased through the Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation’s Student Enrichment Fund.



Quotes from Teachers

“…The grant added 120 books to our classroom. I keep them in a separate tub in my classroom and the kids know they can read them at any time. The books cover many different levels and really, really work well with great phonics patterns. So I’m writing to tell you thanks! My kids absolutely love the books!”

“…I purchased support materials for the art room that will enhance my curriculum. These grants are so valuable because this type of purchase is not feasible within my school budget. These materials will be available for all students at Wright for years to come.”