Planned Giving: Myths & Facts

Planned giving.  Estate giving.  Legacy giving.

Whatever you call it, I guarantee it’s not as overwhelming as you think.

Many people believe leaving a donation to a nonprofit upon their death is only for the wealthy – and that doing so is a difficult, expensive, “I have to have an attorney” process.  Nope!

If you would like to leave an estate gift, read on … and dispel some of the myths you may have.

MYTH #1 – Planned giving is only for the wealthy.

FACT #1 – Everyone should have a will.  So, adding a charitable bequest (no matter the size) is a simple sentence in your will document.  Every gift to the CRCSF adds up over time!

MYTH #2 – I have to have a will in order to make a planned gift.

FACT #2 – You can donate to the CRCSF upon your death in various ways, including through your existing retirement plan, securities, or a life insurance policy.

MYTH #3 – Drafting a will is expensive.

FACT #3 – Today’s online services (ie: LegalZoom) charge approx. $150 for a basic will and having it will ensure peace of mind and your desired distribution of assets.


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Blog Author:                 Karen A. Swanson, CFRE

Executive Director, JHS Class of 1985