Professional Development Grants

The CRCSF provides funding for District educators to continue their education via the Professional Development Grants program. There are two grant opportunities:

1) The Ernie Pence Memorial Grant (one given annually) — made possible by an endowment established through the Ernie Pence Estate. Funds from the Pence grant may apply toward tuition and textbooks for a class offered by an accredited college or university to further a certified employee’s education in his/her field. Preference will be given to coursework that supports professional goals and student learning goals.

2) CRCS Foundation Grants (usually 4 given annually) –foundation grants may apply toward conference registrations, professional internships, workshops, or for the purchase of books or materials for innovative curricular projects.

Applicants may be teachers as well as other district staff seeking professional development opportunities. It is required that the recipient of a grant should return to the district for at least one year following the completion of the professional growth activity.

The applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
• Articulation of purpose
• Relationship to student learning goals.
• Description of impact on students and student learning
• Overall impression and clarity of application