Elementary Music Teacher Grants

madison-giac-xel-2010Betty & Charles Debban, lifelong supporters of music education in Cedar Rapids, have graciously set up a fund at the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation in memory of beloved Coolidge Elementary School Music Teacher, Kathleen McNamara, to provide an annual gift of $100 to each elementary school for use by its music teacher. The grant may be applied toward classroom music needs. Funds will be made available, via application, each Fall.
THIS PROGRAM IS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.   https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/44893-Cedar-Rapids-Community-Schools-Foundation

NOTE: Please include a quote or picture of the item(s) with pricing, submitted with the application as the “receipt.” Items should NOT be ordered before funds are awarded. Once funds are awarded, items can be purchased by the school.  This is not a reimburse the teacher program.

“Teachers spend quite a bit of their own money on supplies and resources for their classrooms, and as an elementary music specialist serving 450 students, it can really add up! I greatly appreciate the Elementary Music Teacher grant because it allows me to purchase a bigger ticket item to benefit my AK though fifth graders.”

Amy Hanisch, Elementary General Music Specialist, West Willow Elementary School