Kids in the Community

The Foundation believes strongly that classroom learning is enhanced by giving students opportunities to encounter authentic pieces of history, culture, science, music, nature, and the arts.

The Foundation further understands that money for field trips has been limited by District budget cuts. The Foundation is honored to partner with corporate funder, Hills Bank & Trust Company, to underwrite the costs associated with providing teachers and students the ability to engage in valuable learning experiences outside the walls of the classroom.

“The Kids in the Community Grant program sponsored by the Foundation has been instrumental in sponsoring our annual field trip to Oak Hill Cemetery. This has been a great way to see the impact on this area of national and world events and has allowed students to become more aware of the history of our area.”

Chris Rolwes, 11th Grade College/A.P.U.S. History Teacher, Jefferson High School

These grants are non-competitive. However, they are also first come/first served. When the annual budget has been expended, the program will close until the next school year. Apply early!

NOTE: No reward field trips (ie: AirFX, Waterpark, etc.). All field trip requests must be curriculum based.

This program has closed for the 2023-2024 school year.