from-window-at-escIn response to the devastation caused by the 2008 flood, the Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation established the School Flood Relief Fund. The fund was designed to address immediate needs of the 1,800 students, 100 staff, and schools affected by the flood. While the immediate and basic needs of many have been met, ongoing challenges persist. In response to these continued needs, the Foundation initiated the Sports, Academic, Fine Arts and Enrichment activities for Kids (SAFE).

Participation Criteria

SAFE provides financial assistance to at-risk/low income students (as identified by the school district’s free or reduced meal program criteria) who want to participate in school sponsored co-curricular and/or extra-curricular activities (not funded by the District), but otherwise could not due to financial constraints of their family/parents/guardians.

Program Goals/Objectives

To enrich student’s lives and positively impact their educational experience though participation in school-sponsored co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Increase the number of at-risk students participating in activities.

Remove financial barriers related to program fees, equipment needs, and transportation costs.


Application Process

A confidential request process on behalf of students may be done by Cedar Rapids Community School District employees such as teachers, coaches, counselors, facilitators, or principals. Application is found below.

Program Outline

“Without the gracious support of the SAFE program, many of our school’s innovative and far-reaching extracurricular programs would not be possible. The foundation’s support ensures that all students in our building, regardless of socioeconomics, have access to programs like Outdoor Education, Theater, Basketball, Robotics, and Volleyball.”

Chuck Tonelli, Metro High School

Funds can be applied towards but are not limited to:

Sports: equipment and uniform needs, activity fees

Academics: tuition or transportation costs associated with Discover Summer School, Academic Decathlon, Science Olympiads, etc.

Fine Arts: show choir, marching band, etc. participation and/or performance attire

Enrichment: participation fees, equipment needs for school sponsored activities such things as LEGO League, Future City, DECCA, speech, drama etc…


The SAFE Program is funded in part by the Terry L. Smith Endowed Fund.