Student Enrichment Grant

The Foundation knows that, as educators, you are passionate about the learning opportunities available to your students. The Foundation is also aware that many teachers dip into their own pockets to help cover the expenses of additional classroom supplies. It is the Foundation’s hope that Student Enrichment Grants will be an easy way for you to help supplement some of your student needs related to classroom learning.

How the Student Enrichment Grants Work:

  • Teachers can apply for a grant up to $250.
  • Examples of classroom items to purchase could be: bins, rug, shelving, headphones, books, art supplies, calculators, etc.
  • A short application helps ensure a quick turn-around time from request to distribution (see link below).
  • Checks will be made payble to the teacher to cover cost of expenditure(s).
  • Receipts are REQUIRED for reimbursement.
  • Food/Beverages for classrooms will not be considered.

NOTE: These grants are non-competitive. However, they are also first come/first served. Once the annual budget has been expended the program will close until the next school year. Apply early!  THIS PROGRAM HAS CLOSED FOR THE 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR.  IT WILL OPEN AGAIN SEPTEMBER 2021.

Click this link to apply:

“As a recipient of a Student Enrichment Grant, I have seen firsthand how this funding is directly impacting students on a day to day basis. The application and reimbursement process is user friendly too! I highly recommend every CRCSD teacher applies.”

Tiffany Orr, Arthur Elementary School