The Foundation in the Classroom

While our sign might be on the door of the Educational Leadership and Support Center and my desk might be in the far left corner of Accounting, the actual WORK of the Foundation’s mission happens every single day in the CLASSROOMS of the 31 District school buildings.

Every September, teachers submit their dog eared pile of receipts to the Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation to be reimbursed for their OWN money spent on behalf of the District’s 17,000 students.  Some receipts are fresh off an Amazon order for 25 flexible seating chairs.  Some receipts are covered in highlighter noting items for their classroom, separated from the items purchased for their own child during Back to School sales.  I even had one receipt all the way from the UNI Bookstore, where a teacher finally found a classroom set of novels he couldn’t find online.

The Foundation’s Student Enrichment Grants program has been reimbursing District teachers for funds they spend out of their own pocket for classroom supplies for more than a decade.  Knowing that 94% of public school teachers across America don’t have access to reimbursements, the Trustees are proud of this vital program that has given more than $200,000 directly back to teachers.

Want to be a part of ensuring teachers and students have all they need in their classroom?  Join us in ensuring full funding of the Student Enrichment Grants program.  All you need to do is CLICK!

Karen A. Swanson, CFRE

Executive Director, JHS Class of 1985