Value of a Dollar

Every year, high performing nonprofits review their program to administration cost ratio – that’s fancy talk for “how much of every dollar donated to the Foundation actually goes to programs, not to purchase light bulbs?”

The Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation seeks to follow best practices in all areas, so the Trustees review this number at the close of every single fiscal year.

The standard threshold for strong, program centric nonprofits is that .80¢ of every $1.00 should be dedicated to the work of implementing mission.  So, how far does your dollar go when invested with the Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation?  Far.  Really, really far.  In fiscal year, 2017 we are proud to report that .86¢ of every $1.00 donated went directly to programs and projects – making the Foundation’s benchmark better than the majority of nonprofits nationwide!

It’s also cool to know that revenue collected on fiscal agent program fees go back into educational programs.  So what begins as an administration revenue source in one year ends up the following year funding field trips, scholarships, school supplies, and emerging technologies.

The Foundation takes seriously the funds our donors have entrusted to us to promote excellence in District programs.  If you are a current donor to the CRCSF, thank you!  We work diligently to earn and keep your trust.  If you are not a donor, we invite you to look closely at our mission and vision for public school education in Cedar Rapids.  Consider an investment in our work.  You – and your dollars – will be glad you did!

Karen A. Swanson, CFRE

Executive Director, JHS Class of 1985