WHS Football Fundraiser

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Football Fundraising Campaign

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Washington High School Football coaches, players, and fans are eager to get the 2021 season started.  As our first season back from the pandemic we are hoping for productive workouts and practices and a full game schedule.  In order to make this a reality, we are in need of financial assistance for team expenses that are not covered by the Washington High School Athletic Department budget.  We are partnering with the Cedar Rapids Community School Foundation to help facilitate these donations and help us keep in touch with our fans and supporters.

A large portion of this fundraising drive will go towards food assistance on game nights.  It has been a long-held tradition that the team shares a meal before each game.  This not only ensures all players have a healthy meal to help with their best performance but also serves as a team building experience to help the players and coaches bond.   With nine regular season games and, (we hope!) four post-season games we have a lot of meals to serve.

Funds unused at the end of the season will go towards next year’s meal budget, as well as, small team expenses (team equipment upgrades not covered by the Athletic Department funds).

Please share on social media and with family and friends. Thank you for your support!

$1000+    Hall of Fame

$500-$999    MVP

$250-$499    Touchdown

$100-$249    Field Goal

$1-$99  First Down

All donations tax deductible. Any amount you can give at this time will help fulfill our vision and mission of our team. Thank you!

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