Board and Staff

As a proud alum (WHS-1988) and parent of three children in the Cedar Rapids Community School District, I have a vested interest in the programming and outreach of our Foundation. Our directive is simple: provide our amazing educators and staff additional tools and resources to enrich the educational experiences of our students, and in turn provide opportunities that will help prepare our future leaders. This assistance can take shape in continuing education for our teachers, a field trip, or funding for a variety of extra-curricular programs. This augmentation is a key ingredient in the ever-changing landscape of the educational process, and one that can pay endless dividends in the future success of our graduates and the community we live in. I hope you will join me in supporting the mission of our a Foundation, the direct impact of which is a vital investment into the future of our children.

Thank you,

Christopher Tyler, DDS, Board Chair

Board of Trustees

Name Office Initial Term Term Expires
Jodi Booth*Alum     GreenState Credit Union 2021 12/31/2023
Armond Dawson*Alum
2022 12/31/2023
Dr. Christopher Tyler, DDS*Alum               Tyler, Link & Barnes, DDS Chair 2014 12/31/2022
L.D. Kidd*Alum               100% Over Racism 2021 12/31/2022
Daniel Pledge-Johnson*Alum               Children of Promise Mentoring 2020 12/31/2022
Molly LaKose               Van Meter Inc. Secretary 2021 12/31/2023
Ashley Massa
CRST, Inc.
2022 12/31/2023
Lindsay Schumacher
Aegon USA
2015 12/31/2023
Kristin Pardubsky Community Volunteer 2022 12/31/2024
Mike Moran*Alum   Washington High School 2021 12/31/2022
Lori Weih                      UnityPoint Health 2022 12/31/2024
Landis Wiley*Alum        Basepoint Wealth, LLC Treasurer 2021 12/31/2023
Scott Drzycimski*Alum
ITC Midwest
2015 12/31/2022
Martine Niwe Jefferson High School  Student Trustee 2022 12/31/2023
Robert Reitz
Cedar Rapids Community School District, Retired
Sue Pence*Alum
Bankers Trust, Retired


Laurel Day
Cedar Rapids Community School District
District Liaison
Karen A. Swanson, CFRE*Alum             Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation Executive Director
Gretchen Paricka

Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation

 Alumni Relations Coordinator