At Taft, we believe that a library is essential to a positive learning environment.  We are taking dramatic steps toward make our library more welcoming — through its physical appearance and expanding the book collection.  Our library serves as the point of contact for supporting students’ technology needs.  This fundraiser will expand our collection and materials.”

– Gary Hatfiled, Principal

Your money would go to support the physical and functional needs of the Taft Library.

Help Us Meet Our Goal of $25,000!

How will your money be spent?  These are examples of items purchased by the Library…

$10           Book Repair

$20-30    Book Purchases

$50          Licensing fees

$100-200    Furniture replacement or repair; Signage repair

$500         Interative workspaces and charging stations

Any amount!  Taft will gladly accept any amount of money in order to support our Library program.  Your money will be well spent.

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