Philanthropy During COVID-19

No one has been unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Lost jobs, double shifts, sick family, homeschooling, depression.  In the past, helping someone you cared about was manageable, but now, helping is complicated by quarantine mandates and physical distancing. But education must continue – even adapt and thrive to meet social, nutrition, and academic gaps.  Educational institutions are essential.

Additionally, finances are tight for many.  Considering a donation seems unfeasible.  Yet, public school education needs support for ongoing and new, unforeseen, emerging needs.  How could I possibly make a gift?  Here’s three options:

  • AmazonSmile – Every time you make a purchase on Amazon, the CRCSF receives .05% of your total! Simply change your link to AmazonSmile and choose CRCSF.
  • Monthly Giving – Large donations make a big impact, but such isn’t possible for everyone. You can make a difference over time by committing to a monthly gift.  For $10 or even $5 a month you can ensure CRCSF programs continue.  Click here and choose “Monthly” in the Donation Frequency box.
  • Planned Giving – A gift in the future really is a gift now. Join The Legacy Society – a group of donors who have thoughtfully included a charitable gift to the CRCSF in their estate plans. Even a small estate can provide for generations of public school students.

Learn more about all areas of personal philanthropy to the Cedar Rapids Community Schools Foundation at  Each of us can still make a difference during COVID-19.  We just have to find a way that works for us.


Blog Author:                 Karen A. Swanson, CFRE

Executive Director, JHS Class of 1985